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Special Assemblies

Session 2017-18

Special Assembly on Earth Day

A special assembly was conducted on the occasion of Earth Day on 21st April to demonstrate the concern for the declining health of the Earth.


To dedicate this day to Mother Earth, a special song, ‘The Earth is My Home’ was sung by the choir. Avni Thukral of IX A addressed the students and conveyed the message that we have to protect our precious earth and its valuable resources, so that these can be available to us for years to come. Students also highlighted instances of the declining health of our planet through placards.


The assembly was concluded with the thought that ‘Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth’.



Session 2016-17


A special assembly was held on 22nd April 2016 to mark ‘Earth Day’. A prayer was said for our planet, Earth. The scripture reading (Genesis 2:15) emphasised the fact that God is the Master of the Earth and we, as his stewards, are accountable for all our actions.

The students from Classes VI D & VIII D presented a short skit, ‘Every Bit Counts’.  The skit highlighted how the action of each individual can play an important role in conserving Planet Earth.

The assembly concluded with a pledge taken by the students to incorporate the three Rs –‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’ in their daily routines in an effort to save our planet.

Every Bit Counts: Save the Earth The Three Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse


EARTH DAY (Primary)

Earth Day was celebrated on 21st April, 2016.  Students of Primary classes conducted a special assembly and took a pledge to save the environment.

On 22nd April 2016,  a video based on 3Rs was shown to the students . Different activities were conducted in the primary classes to observe Earth Day.

Class 1 wrote a message on hand print.

 Class 2 made paper bags.

 Class 3 made bird feeders from tetra packs.

 Class 4 made the model of flora and fauna on egg trays.

 Class 5 made jigsaw puzzles on ‘Save Earth’.



World Heritage Day   was observed on   18th April, 2016.  A special assembly  was  conducted in which the students of Classes IV and V spoke about  our heritage sites, followed by a choral recitation activity  and  a  street  play depicting ways to preserve our heritage. The assembly ended with a pledge to save our country’s as well as the world’s rich and varied heritage.

 The following activities were conducted in classes:

Classes I and II-    PPT was shown on Monuments of Delhi.

Class III -   Clay modelling activity

Classes IV and V- The students made collages on   world   heritage sites and wrote slogans.