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Miss Esther Mani

“Give us wisdom to always do
What is just, what is right, what is fair
And we’ll strive to spread your word everywhere”

These words from the Somerville School song encapsulate our vision of education.
In a world groping for meaning and purpose, we learn to seek God’s wisdom, to be torchbearers of the truth.
The children learn a variety of things at school, particularly what they would like to “do” when they grow up; we also try to make them think about what they would like to “be” - in terms of character and values that would last, as they try to make their place in the world.

Childhood and the young years are precious. What a privilege we have been given to share in the shaping of thousands of young lives. I was at the funeral of an elderly relative some time ago and I heard loud shrieks of laughter behind me. Many of us looked around, some with disapproving frowns, to see who had dared to disrespect the dead. I saw a young boy, seven or eight years old, running among the tombstones, rolling an old bicycle tire with a stick. He was being chased by a little puppy. This child, probably the son of one of the caretakers in the cemetery, seemed so happy and free; completely untouched by the sombre atmosphere of the place that was his playground.

Children have this ability to do their own thing, unaware and sometimes, not caring, about what is socially acceptable or the ‘done thing’. Why else would a five year old child get up from her seat and hug her Principal while this lady was in the middle of her Independence Day address. It is for memories and experiences like these that I love being a teacher. It’s not all rosy; planning the national budget seems easier than managing a school of loud and rebellious children. But these same children keep us young and alert. And while they grow in wisdom and stature, we grow too.

Mrs. Shivon Mark Antony
Head mistress

Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave endeavours to live up to its motto of 'Love One Another'. From the very beginning we teach our children to be tolerant and instil in them values and respect for every individual.

Our aim is to give a child freedom to develop and grow according to his abilities, at his own pace. For us each individual is valuable. We emphasize on the importance of working as a team in cooperation with each other. Children learn by doing, observing, experiencing and experimenting, hence we provide them the right learning environment inside and outside the classroom. We strive to be innovative in our approach towards learning.

School bags have been made lighter in lower classes so as to make their journey to school more comfortable. Activity based homework is given in primary classes. It is a privilege to have the Educomp Smart Class installed in our school. It has transformed the way teachers teach and students learn. It has become an integral part of our learning system.

The introduction of Physical Education in the curriculum is a welcome change. The Physical Education Cards (PEC) are used as a tool for providing interesting experiences to the children and engaging them intensively in games and activities. Learning concepts of Mathematics, Environmental Science and languages can be handled more effectively by using PE cards.

Our endeavour is to make coming to school a joyful experience for all the children.

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