Message from the Vice Principal

Mrs. Pratima M. Lall

Vice Principal

Albert Einstein said, “Education is not about learning of facts but training young minds to think.” There is a big difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive ways. At Somerville, we try to work towards holistic development of our students by providing them the tools and experiences that encourage our students to think. The aim is to create empowered minds so that students are able to decide what is good for them, differentiate between right and wrong, choose opportunities that help build them up and enable them to live in harmony with all existence. As the new Vice Principal, I am delighted that the school’s values align with my own personal values, including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community.

One of our science laboratory assistants shared an experience with me. He was walking on a busy road one day when two girls ran to him and touched his feet. Mildly startled, and thinking it to be a case of mistaken identity, he was about to inform them of their mistake, when they identified themselves as former students of Somerville who were currently pursuing MD degree and wanted his blessings. That so perfectly embodies the character of our school; developing minds that grow up into enlightened human beings who achieve success yet are firmly grounded on earth. That is what true education is all about.

Recently, we received a letter of appreciation from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the honorable minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, for the participation of the school towards making the Plantation Drive at Van Mahotsav in Delhi, NCR a success. The Eco Club of our school has been involved in tree plantation across the city even before the activity was made popular in schools. We boast of several green spaces that have been developed by our students and environment-related initiatives where our students have contributed to the surroundings. Parents often take pride in informing me about how their child corrects them when they litter in inappropriate places, use fire crackers, cross a traffic signal when it is red. Education imparted here is thus not confined to the class room alone but is moving beyond that. As a Chinese proverb very aptly says, “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”.

Message from the Principal

Esther Mani


I welcome you to Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave, a Christian unaided Senior Secondary school in Delhi, recognized by the Department of Education, Government of the NCT of Delhi, and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Over four and a half decades of its existence since 1974, Somerville School, Delhi, has carved an indelible space for itself as an educational institution of excellence. The school has been carefully nurtured through a sound balance of quality educational programmes, state-of-art facilities, superior services and a focus on the child as the reason for our existence.

The students of Somerville learn a variety of things at school, particularly what they would like to “do” when they grow up; we also try to make them think about what they would like to “be” – in terms of character and values that would last, as they try to make their place in the world.

Our teachers are carefully selected and undergo constant training to upgrade their knowledge of the subjects they teach, as well as to improve their skills to meet the demands of the relentlessly changing world around them. Four of them have been conferred the State Teacher’s Award by the Government of Delhi for their exceptional contributions in the field of education of school students.

Our history of accomplishments in academics, sports, dance, music, public service, speak for the quality of students the school has produced; global citizens yet steadfast in their loyalty to the nation; strong moral and ethical values; advocates of worthy causes and concerned about the family and community.

The school has sent out alumni that have helped build the country, from bureaucrats to technocrats, officers of the armed forces, scientists, economists, social workers, doctors, teachers, architects, shaping every aspect of human society.

“Give us wisdom to always do
What is just, what is right, what is fair
And we’ll strive to spread Your word everywhere
With Your love, guidance and care”

These words from the Somerville School song encapsulate our vision of education.
In a world groping for meaning and purpose, we learn to seek God’s wisdom to be torchbearers of the truth and to equip young lives to make worthy and positive choices each day.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 (The Holy Bible)

Message from the Manager

From the Manager’s Desk

Dear students, parents, staff members and well-wishers, 

It is my honor and privilege to greet you with warm prayerful wishes that you be showered with abundant blessings from the Almighty.


“Your attitude is either the lock on or key to your door to success”

                                                                                                                                                  Denis Waitley


Each of us, sooner or later, goes through a moment or a situation when it seems that we are on the wrong road, and life is moving in the wrong direction.

But … this is also true that some things are within our control and what disturbs us are not events or situations, but our attitude towards them.

Dear all, I wish you the blessing of a positive attitude, and this is what we also try to build in our students. We, at the Somerville Schools, strive to provide a platform where a child is holistically educated, encompassing physical (physiological), mental (cognitive), social, emotional (psychological) and spiritual growth. We aim that our students became a resource for tomorrow.

We accentuate learning by synergy and collaboration and this surely comes with a positive attitude towards life. Every student at Somerville is given a voice and avenue where they are able to express their knowledge and dream big and achieve big. 

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

                                                                                                                               Proverbs 27:19

I am confident that at the Somerville Schools, everyone will understand the true meaning of life, love life and live life to its fullest with the Almighty as the guide, and reach the heights of glory.

May the Almighty Lord, continue to protect and bless our schools.

Abraham Mathew


Message from the Secretary/Treasurer

Thomas T Roy

Superintendent and Secretary/Treasure
Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India

Greetings to the Somerville Family

It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to address the children and parents of our schools. Children are a gift from God. They are individuals and not the property of their parents. Children brought up in the same family, under the same conditions may show different traits, attitudes and habits. Our duty as parents is to bring them up the right way, by being their role models.

All children crave for is the love, care and attention of their parents. When they do not get this at home, they seek it elsewhere and get into undesirable company, which may cause lifelong heartaches for them and their parents.

Spending quality time with children is very important. Wealth does not make a child happy. Your child wants your time and not your gifts or the expensive toys you may give him. I have seen gloomy children sitting in costly cars, while children from slums are playing happily with toys they have made for themselves. It is understood that times are such that both parents have to work to earn a decent living. However, this great wish to be good providers and earn more and more leads to homes and families being neglected. Little do such parents realise that what children value and desire the most is the time their parents spend with them. When you get back from work, devote some time to your children even while you are attempting to complete your household chores.

Disciplining a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents and often unpleasant for children. Yet it has to be done with a firm hand and a loving heart. Some parents feel that their children will love them more if they give them whatever they ask for. This is the most imprudent notion. If you look around you will find that a well disciplined child loves his or her parents much more than a pampered child. If I may quote from the Holy Bible it says in Proverbs Chapter 29-Vs 15 that “To discipline a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child.” Parents must consider the benefit of due correction, and the consequence of undue indulgence.

Children are our most precious gifts from the Lord, and it is our duty to raise them as kind, honest and hardworking individuals not as potential money-earning machines, without any good values in life and the belief that acquiring worldly possessions is the ultimate goal of their lives.

My message to all our children is: obey your parents; love and respect them. Do not let peer pressure take you into dark streets which eventually end up in ruining your life and cause immense sorrow and humiliation for your loving parents. Always remember, there is no short cut to success. Our jails are full of people who took short cuts to success. Give the first place in your life to God, and then everything will automatically fall into the right place.

May God bless each child and each parent and may He guide them and be with them that they might become examples for the community.

Message from the President

Mary George

LCBM in India

As President of the Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India, I welcome the Principal, Staff, students and parents of Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave, to be a part of the ‘Online School’.

The website is a hub for all of us. It showcases the multifarious activities of the school, be it in Academics, Co-curricular activities or Sports. It encourages our students to go ‘higher and higher in the realm of learning’.

I hope that this website will create an immediate and sustained impression to this effect. We have been recognized as a premier school in Delhi. So it is a call to remind us that each one of us has a role to play in carrying the name of the school to even greater heights. We look forward to an active participation by the parents too. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please be a part of the school’s programmes by regularly viewing the website and also making valuable contributions as parents.

1 Chronicles 16 : 11 in the Bible says, “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually”. The success of our school has and will be, the strong belief in all of us, of the Almighty’s presence and to submit ourselves unconditionally to Him.

With best wishes