Educational Trips

Session 2018-19

Workshops at the Nehru Planetarium

The Nehru Planetarium organises special programmes and workshops for school and college students, visitors and amateur astronomers. These workshops aim at creating awareness about various issues such as waste management, identification and conservation of birds etc. Our students enjoyed the privilege of attending a few of these in April 2018.

On 10th April 2018, 15 members of the Eco Club from Classes VI to VIII, along with their teacher, Ms. Anu Singh, attended a workshop on the topic ‘Know your birds’ at Nehru Planetarium. The workshop was conducted by Professor Naveen Kumar Tiwary, ornithologist and bird watcher. The workshop aimed at educating students about bird identification techniques by observing its body parts (size, colour, beak, wings, legs, etc.), habitat and sounds. Apart from bird watching, he also motivated students to try and do something to increase bird numbers. The students were encouraged to try and locate birds early in the morning and upload the information on the website, eBird India.

On April 12, 2018, 15 students of Class IX, along with their teacher, Ms. Swati Sharma, attended a multi-media presentation and screening of documentaries ‘Yuri Gagarin – Chosen By The Stars’ and ‘Russia in Space for Humanity’ organised by Roskomos along with Russian Centre of Science and Culture on the occasion of the World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics at Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi. The students were amazed to learn about the making of an astronaut and the tremendous labour and training required to become one. Russian scientists and the Director of Nehru Planetarium presented the documentary along with an interesting question-and-answer session in which our students actively participated. The moment of experiencing zero gravity conditions left our students spell bound. There was also a ‘rocket launching activity’ that the students enjoyed a lot.

On April 19, 2018, 15 students of Class VII, along with their teacher, Ms. Savitha V, attended a special workshop on waste management by the NGO Harajeevan at the Nehru Planetarium. The workshop aimed at sensitising students to the harmful effects of the huge and ever-increasing mountains of wastes being dumped at landfill sites, especially in Delhi. The adoption of ‘Zero Wastage Strategy’ was emphasised. The students were made aware of the different kinds of wastes and taught how to segregate waste at source, i.e., their homes, via an activity. Composting of green waste was encouraged. The students demonstrated understanding and gave a positive response by affirming that each individual would try to manage his/her own waste at source.

On April 20, 2018, 15 students of Class VI, along with their teacher, Ms. Swati Sharma, attended a special story session based on ‘Science Literature’ by Pratham Books at the Nehru Planetarium. It was an amazing experience to learn and explore science in a whole new dimension. Short stories such as ‘Where Does the Sun Go at Night?’ and ‘Where Does Thunder Come From?’ depicting natural phenomenon were presented. This was followed by a question-answer session in which our students actively participated.


The heritage of India is a treasure that needs to be transferred to the next generation. With this objective in mind and to celebrate World Heritage Day on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the ‘Aga Khan Trust for Culture’ (AKTC) organised several workshops for the students at the Humayun’s Tomb (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Around twenty students from Classes VI, VII and VIII, members of the Heritage Club, participated in this event. The activities included Sanjhi (Traditional paper cutting craft), Mughal Floral Painting, ‘Nurture Nature’, Calligraphy and an ‘On- the -Spot Quiz Competition’. Ananya Verma of VIII B brought accolades to the school by winning the 2nd prize in the Quiz Competition.

The participants were also taken for a Heritage Walk around the Humayun’s Tomb complex by community heritage volunteers from ‘Sair-e-Nizamuddin’.

It was an enriching experience for our young children who learned about calligraphy, paper cutting craft and Mughal floral painting. The students were encouraged to become sensitive, responsible and progressive citizens of the society, respecting and protecting our heritage.

Film Screening Rampage

HT PACE organised a movie show for 165 students of Class X on 23rd April 2018. The students were accompanied by five teachers. The students were shown ‘Rampage’ a science fiction film, at Delite Cinema, Daryaganj. The students and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed their day at the movies.

Session 2017-18

Trip to ‘Muddy Boots’- Class VI

195 students of Class VI visited ‘Muddy Boots’, an adventure capsule on 2nd February 2018. The
students were accompanied by 12 teachers.Various activities were organised for the students such as zip lining, zorbing and military hurdles .The objective of the activities was to teach the students the importance of team work. The students and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

Trip to ‘Kidzania’ – Classes VII & VIII

369 students from Classes VII & VIII accompanied by 14 teachers were taken to ‘Kidzania’, NOIDA for an outing on 9th February 2018. The students got hands on experience of various jobs done by adults. Through role play, the students participated in various activities. It was a wonderful, fun-filled, learning experience for the students.

Trip to Camp Tickling, Gurugram- Classes IX & XII

163 students of Class IX & X were taken to Camp Tickling, Gurugram on 20th January 2018 for their annual picnic. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly by engaging in various activities like crossing the Burma Bridge, Zorbing, Zip Line, Maze, Rock Climbing and Camel Rides.

Visit to the National Science Centre

The students of Classes IV and V visited the National Science Centre for an educational trip on 30th and 31st August 2017.

They viewed a very informative show called ‘Science on Sphere’ which displayed the images of the planets of the Solar System on a six feet sphere with the help of projectors.

Through a 3D Film Show on Dinosaurs the students learned about the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs. The ‘Prehistoric Life Gallery’ with animated species of life forms of different ages introduced with special light and sound effects was a wonderful educational experience.

The Fun Science Gallery was the area most enjoyed by the students as they found the activities and hands-on exhibits very exciting.

‘Seed Bank Establishment’ Orientation Programme

Two students of the Eco Club, Bhavya Vaish, X C and Rishi Tomar, X B along with their teacher, Ms. Savitha V. attended the ‘Seed Bank Establishment in Schools’ Orientation Programme held at Mt. Carmel School, Anand Niketan, This programme, conducted on 5th May 2017 in association with the NGO ‘WePlant’, was attended by students from twenty-five schools.

Emphasis was laid on saving 1 million mango seeds this summer and planting them in the monsoon season in different localities so that everyone gets access to the fruits, the motto being ‘Nishkamakarma’. Each school was encouraged to identify 100 inspired students, who would each collect 100 seeds in 60 days. The students were shown how to establish seed banks in the school. The students also pledged to plant some seeds in pots made from recycled containers of any material.

The students were greatly inspired and resolved to do their bit to plant as many seeds as possible, this season.


On 18th April 2017, 50 students of Class IX visited the Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Complex as part of INTACH’S celebration of World Heritage Day. They were accompanied by Ms Aisha Hasan, Ms Rachna Sharma and Ms Arshiya Malik.

The Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Complex comprises the Clock Tower, the stables and the garages. The area showcases the history of the past and current Presidencies and the rich flora and fauna of the area.

Also on the display are the coaches and cars used by the Presidents, Cabinets with memorabilia of former and current President of India. The important events in India’s freedom struggle and legislative reforms are showcased through animated stage settings and interactive computer multimedia techniques. The students keenly observed all items on display and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

World Heritage Day:Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition at Safdarjung Tomb

On the occasion of World Heritage Day, the ‘Itihaas Trust’ in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) arranged a visit for the students of Classes VII-XII to Safdarjung Tomb on 18th April 2017. Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions were organised for the students, in which several schools from Delhi and NCR participated.

The topics for the Poster Making Competition were given on the spot. The students in the Middle category made posters on the topic ‘Beauty of Stone’, while the students in the Senior category made posters on the topic ‘Policy and Heritage’.

Five of our students, Spriha Podder- VII E, Nitesh Kumar-VII E, Vrinda Gupta- VIID, Aanchal Tandon-VII D and Sivaranjani Iyer -VIII D were declared the winners in the Middle Category in the Poster Making Competition.