Special Events and Celebrations

Session 2017-18

Christmas Celebrations

Special programmes to celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas were organised in the school. The highlight of the celebrations organised by the Primary Section on 20th December 2017, was a short play ‘Somerville’s Got Talent’, in which students from Classes IV & V participated. In the play, which was loosely based on the nativity theme, people from different walks of life presented the different talents that they had been bestowed with, as their gifts for baby Jesus. The play included a dance, special songs and a presentation on the significance of the Christmas tree. The celebrations also included a magic show and carols presented by the Junior Western Music Choir.

On 21st December 2017, a special programme was presented by students from Classes VI-XII. The programme started with a short assembly. This was followed by a short play based on the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, with a cast of 25 students from Classes VI to X.
The play showcased how the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future visited a miser, Mr. Scrooge, and helped him to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The celebrations ended with the Western Music Choir presenting a medley of popular Christmas carols, followed by some solo and duet songs.

SPIC MACAY: Virasat 2017

Lecture-Demonstration at Somerville School by Pandit Ronu Majumdar (Flute)

Flautist Ranendranath Majumdar, popularly known as Pt Ronu Majumdar, mesmerised the students of Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave with his spellbinding performance on the bansuri at Virasat 2017 held in association with SPICMACAY on Thursday, 17August 2017.

Pandit Majumdar was accompanied by Shri Pranshu Chaturlal on the tabla and Shri Kalpesh Sachala on the flute.

Pandit Majumdar introduced to students the basic seven swaras of Hindustani classical music. His bansuri renditions of Raag Mangal Bhairav and Vande Mataram left the students enthralled. The students, 500 in number, sat in silent meditation while Pandit Majumdar played the Alaap on his flute. The jugalbandi between him and Pranshu Chaturlal on the table drew resounding appreciation.

During the interaction with the ace flautist, the students learnt that while the celebrated song Saare Jahan Se Achcha was written by the poet Iqbal, its music was composed by the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar. They also learnt about Pandit Majumdar’s early years, the discipline with which he practised his craft and also some special tips on playing the bansuri.

Pandit Majumdar concluded the lecture demonstration with a folk tune from the banks of Ganges, Kajri, that drew gasps and continuous applause from the captivated audience.

Investiture Ceremony – Primary

The Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council for the Primary wing was held on 04.05.2017. The student-leaders promised to discharge their duties with commitment, confidence and competence. The Head Boy, Ritul R. Kumar and the Head Girl, Navya Mongia, in their speeches, promised to make the school proud through their efforts.

The members of the Students’ Council for the session 2017-18 are as follows:

S# Students’ Council memeber Designation
1 Ritul R. Kumar (V-D) Head Boy
2 Navya Mongia (V-D) Head Girl
3 S. Keertish (V-C) Akbar Houes Captain
4 Tejal Sharma (V-B) Ashoka House Captain
5 Anmol K. Paul (V-B) Tagore House Captain
6 Joshua John (V-C) Gandhi House Captain
7 Ananya Gaur (V-A) Sports Captain
8 Sarthak Shah (V-E) Sports Captain


Members of the Student Council
1 Varun Hari V – A
2 Purva Choudhary
3 Prakriti Saxena
4 Hamza Ansari
5 Adwika Sharma V – B
6 Mainank Gupta
7 Namish Pande
8 Mayank Rawat
9 Hridey Singh
10 Anjali Singh
11 Arya Nair
12 Pragya Agarwal V-C
13 Riya Verma
14 Devna Gopakumar
15 Sneha Dwivedi
16 Vanya Bhambi
17 Khushaal Dhingra
18 Saakshat Gupta
19 Anvesha Nautiyal V-D
20 Vaishnavi Negi
21 Tanishtha Gogia
22 Tallia Anna Thomas
23 Lucky Adhikari
24 Harsh Chaudhary
25 Aksh Rastogi
26 Rishi Chawla
27 Marieanna Francis
28 Udita Uniyal V-E
29 Steffi Thomas
30 Bhumi Verma
31 Vadanta Kumar Chauhaan
32 Ivy Abraham

The Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council was held on 16th May 2017.The ceremony began with a prayer to invoke blessings of the Almighty.

The first to take the oath were Archit Sarin (Head Boy) and Daphne Prathna Edwin (Head Girl) who pledged their service to the school and to uphold the school motto ´Love One Another’.

Then the Sports Captain (Diya Goyal) and Vice Sports Captain (Dhairya Arora) pledged to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.

Following them were the Cultural in Charge (Mayuri Sen), Assembly In Charge (Annie Sam), Academic In Charge (Shreyan Das) and Discipline In Charge (Jaya Mahajan), who were sworn in.

The House Captains and Vice Captains pledged their services to the school through their respective Houses and received their badges and sashes from their House In Charges.

The House Captains and Vice Captains who were sworn in are:
Mandira Bisht (Captain) and Sanskriti Kaushik (Vice-Captain) of Akbar House;
Suneimya Bagh (Captain) and Chirag Gupta (Vice-Captain) of Ashoka House;
Anshita Khandelwal (Captain) and Charu Damor (Vice-Captain) from Gandhi House;
Jhanvi Bisht (Captain) and Gauri Sharma (Vice-Captain) from Tagore House

Finally, the rest of the Council Members, selected from Classes XI & XII, took the oath to strive hard and work in harmony with their fellow students to maintain discipline and assist in all the activities of the school.

The Principal, Ms. Esther Mani, addressed the newly appointed Council, congratulated them and encouraged them to work sincerely and inspire others.

The Sports Activities Opening Meet (2017-2018)

The Sports Activities Opening Meet (2017-2018) was held on 1st May 2017. Mr. Jayashankar Menon, a National level basket ball player was the Special Guest on this occasion. Mr. Menon had represented the Indian Basketball team for eleven years. He had been bestowed with the ‘Outstanding Sports Person Award’ and ‘Most Valuable Player Award’. Mr. Menon was welcomed by the Principal, Ms. Esther Mani and Vice Principal, Dr. Pratima M. Lall.

The Guard of Honour, led by the school Marching Band, was presented by all the Vice Captains and the House members. The torch, which was lit by the Chief Guest, was carried by the Sports Vice Captain, Diya Goyal and passed on to Garima Negi, Meghna Chauhan and John Paul. The other torch bearers were Yash Menon, Khushi Gupta, the Best Athletes for the session 2016-17 from the Junior School and Mouli Khanna and Mandira Bisht, the Best Athletes for the session 2016- 17 from the Senior School.

The Vice Captains, along with members of their respective Houses, took the oath of fair play. The Chief Guest declared the Sports activities for the session 2017-2018, open.

Felicitation Ceremony

In order to honour and applaud the efforts of the meritorious students from Classes VI -IX and XI, a Felicitation Ceremony was held on 22nd April2017. The occasion was made special by the presence of the proud parents of the awardees.

The programme began with a word of prayer, followed by a hymn, the Lord’s Prayer and Bible Reading.

Trophies, prizes and merit certificates were awarded to the students by the Principal, Ms. Esther Mani. The toppers of different subjects were also felicitated by the Vice Principal, Dr. Pratima Lal and the Headmistress, Mrs. Shivon Mark Anthony.

Regularity Awards were given by Mrs. Shivon Mark Anthony to the students who had 100% attendance. The Western Music Choir captivated the audience with an inspiring song, ‘Stand Up for the Champions’.

The programme concluded with a message by the Principal, Ms Esther Mani, who lauded the achievements of the students and urged the students and parents to celebrate every accomplishment.

Somerville School felicitates Staff Members

A special programme held on 8th March 2017 to felicitate four members of Staff on their completion of 25 years of service in the school.

The staff members who were honoured were:

  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar Balmiki, Service Staff
  • Mrs. Sapna Sharma, PRT Music
  • Mrs. Sunita Mudgil, PRT Hindi
  • Mrs. Rashmi Anand, TGT Science
  • Ms. Vinita Peter, PGT English

Members from the Management, Mrs. Mary George, President of the LCBM in India, Mr. Thomas T. Roy, Manager of our school & Secretary/ Treasurer of the LCBM in India, and Mrs D.A. Tressler, Chairperson & Director, Somerville Schools, graced the occasion and presented tokens of appreciation to the staff members.

The staff members thanked the School for reposing faith in their abilities. They appreciated the role of the school in enriching their lives. Mrs. Rashmi Anand, though reaching superannuation, expressed her readiness to serve another 25 years; Ms Vinita Peter, State Teacher Award winner (2013), highlighted the opportunities the school had provided to her to hone her skills as a teacher.

The Principal acknowledged the contributions of each staff member who was honoured and lauded their commitment towards making the school a place of excellence.

World Health Day

As part of the initiative taken by the Directorate of Education, Delhi, World Health Day was observed in our school on 7th April 2017. The purpose of this initiative was to educate children about the general principles of health and hygiene. A brief presentation was made in the morning assembly to highlight the importance of maintaining good health and practising regular physical exercises.

Students participated in debates and made posters during the Value Education class to highlight the importance of immunisation and preventive actions needed to avoid communicable diseases that afflict the residents of Delhi. Students learned how to keep themselves safe from such diseases as Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, etc.