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Session 2018-19

Senior School Inter House Sports 2018-19

Classes VI-XII

Game Group Date Winner 1st runner Up 2nd runner Up
Basketball Senior Boys 18/05/18 Tagore Gandhi Akbar
Senior Girls 16/05/18 Akbar Ashoka Gandhi
Junior Boys 08/05/18 Ashoka Gandhi Akbar
Junior Girls 09/05/18 Tagore Akbar Ashoka
Volleyball Senior Boys 25/04/18 Gandhi Ashoka Tagore
Senior Girls 28/04/18 Tagore Akbar Ashoka
Junior Boys 02/05/18 Ashoka Akbar Tagore
Junior Girls 28/04/18 Akbar Tagore Gandhi
Chess Senior Boys 02/05/18 Akbar Tagore Gandhi
Senior Girls 28/04/18 Gandhi Akbar Tagore
Junior Boys 25/04/18 Gandhi Tagore Ashoka
Junior Girls 28/04/18 Ashoka Gandhi Tagore
Lawn tennis Senior Boys 28/04/18 Tagore Ashoka Akbar
Senior Girls 25/04/18 Tagore Gandhi Akbar
Junior Boys 28/04/18 Gandhi Ashoka Tagore
Junior Girls 02/05/18 Ashoka Gandhi Akbar
Football Senior Boys 15/05/18 Akbar Gandhi Ashoka
Senior Girls 10/05/18 Akbar Tagore Ashoka
Junior Boys 05/05/18 Gandhi Akbar Ashoka
Junior Girls 05/05/18 Gandhi Tagore Akbar
Table tennis Senior Boys 08/05/18 Akbar Gandhi Tagore
Senior Girls 14/05/18 Gandhi Tagore Akbar
Junior Boys 05/05/18 Gandhi Akbar Tagore
Junior Girls 05/05/18 Gandhi Akbar Ashoka
Carom Senior Boys 05/05/18 Akbar Gandhi Tagore
Senior Girls 05/05/18 Akbar Ashoka Tagore
Junior Boys 10/05/18 Akbar Tagore Ashoka
Junior Girls 08/05/18 Akbar Ashoka Tagore