Workshops & Exhibitions

Session 2017-18

Workshop on Sparrow Conservation

A workshop on ‘Nest Making for Sparrow Conservation’ was conducted by Mr. Rakesh Khatri of Eco Roots Foundation and his team on 9th March 2018. Twenty-six students from Classes VI to XII were taught to make nests out of coconut fibre, jute threads, wooden rings and bamboo sticks. The team also enlightened the students regarding the significance of biodiversity and the need to preserve flora and fauna.

The students were filmed while making the nests. Some students were interviewed and their suggestions regarding sparrow conservation were noted.


In the session 2017-18, ‘I Love Science’ workshops were conducted for the students of Classes VI and VII by Mr. Akhlesh Agarwal. The purpose of the workshops was to make the learning of scientific concepts more interesting and enjoyable. Simple, day-to-day phenomena and concepts were explained to the students, who were provided with hands-on science kits during the workshops so that they could explore different concepts in a practical manner and have fun at the same time.

A total of six workshops were conducted per class on a monthly basis in the school auditorium. The topics covered included magnetism, electricity, optics, sound, air, mechanics, time and microscope. The students found the workshops interesting and participated in them with great enthusiasm.

‘Seed Bank Establishment’ Orientation Programme

Two students of the Eco Club, Bhavya Vaish, X C and Rishi Tomar, X B along with their teacher, Ms. Savitha V. attended the ‘Seed Bank Establishment in Schools’ Orientation Programme held at Mt. Carmel School, Anand Niketan, This programme, conducted on 5th May 2017 in association with the NGO ‘WePlant’, was attended by students from twenty-five schools.

Emphasis was laid on saving 1 million mango seeds this summer and planting them in the monsoon season in different localities so that everyone gets access to the fruits, the motto being ‘Nishkamakarma’. Each school was encouraged to identify 100 inspired students, who would each collect 100 seeds in 60 days. The students were shown how to establish seed banks in the school. The students also pledged to plant some seeds in pots made from recycled containers of any material.

The students were greatly inspired and resolved to do their bit to plant as many seeds as possible, this season.

Workshop on Legal Studies

A workshop on higher studies in the field of Law was organised for students of Classes XI and XII on 25thAugust 2017. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Nilesh Shreedhar – BA, LLB (Constitutional Law-Hons, from National Law University –Ranchi, NIFT AIR-26). During the counselling session, Mr. Shreedhar focused on the following:-

  • Changes in the legal industry and the opportunities available.
  • The best colleges in India and their selection processes.

He spoke about why students should choose Law as a career option and gave tips on how to prepare for admission to reputed Law colleges. Mr. Shreedhar informed the students about the shift in trends from the court rooms to the corporate sector in the field of Law.

The students asked Mr. Shreedhar several questions related to entrance exams and the career opportunities available in corporate law. It was a useful and informative session.


A workshop was conducted on 21st August 2017 for students from Classes XI & XII on opportunities to pursue higher education in the United States of America. Resource persons from three Universities in the USA introduced students to the prospects for higher education for Indian students in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri.

The Resource Persons were Ms. Chelsea Keeney, Assistant Director of International Recruitment, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Mr.Ragh Singh, Assistant Director of International Recruitment, University of Missouri, Columbia and Ms. Michelle Trimpe, International Admissions Counsellor, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Each Resource Persons spoke at length about their universities. They informed the students about the educational programmes and specialized courses available, procedures for admission, fees and the different types of scholarships available for students such as: Academic Scholarships, Need Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, Talent based Scholarships and many more. The Resource Persons spoke on how students could learn and earn simultaneously. They informed students about the procedures International students needed to follow to apply for admission such as SAT, recommendation letter, Visa etc.

The students found the interaction enlightening and very informative.

Career Guidance Workshop

A career guidance workshop was organised for the students of Classes IX-XII on 21st July 2017. The workshop was conducted by Father Benny Jose, Director of Education, Diocese of Faridabad and Mr. Bijo Sebastian, Co-founder- Mentornetz,a career pathway system that has been researched and designed to make young people realise their aptitude and goals.

The resource persons spoke about importance of career selection and aptitude testing. They informed the students about how their organization, Mentornetz, could help students to identify careers and subjects that accurately match their personality and aptitude by providing career guidance and counselling.

Geography Symposium

An Inter House Geography Symposium was organised by the Social Science Department on 27th April 2017. Students learnt and spoke about some beautiful biosphere reserves of India, particularly the Gulf of Mannar, Nandadevi, Gir Forests and Nokrek. The participants focused their presentations on the locations, wildlife species and community conservation efforts in each of these biosphere reserves.

Gandhi House stood first in the symposium, followed by Tagore House and Akbar House.


A workshop which dealt with the development and beautification of neighbourhood parks was organised for the members of the Eco Club on 29th April 2017. It was conducted by a team of four members from two NGOs, namely ‘LAXMI’ and ‘IGSSS’which are associated with the project “Reviving green spaces” supported by ‘Disney’. The team was headed by Mr. Vijay, a horticulturist, and Ms. Jyoti Awasthi, Director- LAXMI.

They conducted a seminar with informative presentations highlighting the need of the hour, which was to work for the development of neighbourhood parks. Thereafter 32 students and three teachers went with the team to a nearby park. The students were asked to study the park by carefully observing it and come up with ideas to convert it into a more eco-friendly park with rich flora and fauna. The team emphasized the need to spend more time with nature and familiarize oneself with biodiversity to be effective protectors of the environment.